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"This PEMF system is, bar none the most powerful and effective form of PEMF I have ever used in my life. I am quite literally blown away by it and now use it every single day."

– Ben Greenfield

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The Benefits of PEMF

Long-Term Pain Relief

Many people have experienced pain relief through long-term improvements to their bone and joint health. PEMF can lead to a more active and pain-free lifestyle.


Stress Reduction

PEMF cellular exercise directly stimulates your brain, leaving you feeling energized and focused.


Improved Sleep

Energizing your cells with PEMF can help you relax and sleep soundly. That extra rest can mean less stress, and improved overall health.

Training with Pulse Centers

At Pulse Centers, we believe that in order to optimize your health and wellness with PEMF you must have the best training, which is why we offer hands-on training programs for medical professionals with growing businesses and at-home users alike.

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How PEMF Works

PEMF is a way to get your body "charged up" with pulsed electromagnetic fields. Our systems apply focused pulsed electromagnetic fields directly to the body through our versatile range of accessories. Those frequencies stimulate your body and open and close your cell membranes. The result? People who use our systems have experienced reduced inflammation, improved joint comfort, optimized mental clarity and more.

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Energize Your Life.

Join the thousands of practitioners, athletes, and everyday people around the world who have discovered the energizing power of our PEMF technology.

Still Have Questions?

Read some common PEMF questions and get helpful answers from our team.